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Hi Notger!

What I mean iiis:

1) IMHO Dragon is wasting it's potential on editing, and re-editing kits (varinats, if you like) which have only very-very slight differences between one another (and giving the quantity of parts in one box can be very easily assembled by combining the corresponding parts) instead of editing really useful kits (for example a version of a PzKpfw. IV. w/ Flakvierling, for instance.
2) They are coming out with a Pz Iv again, instead of tooling for example a good version of... I don't know... A Ram?
3) I'm getting a bit angry about the very fact that they are paying very big attention to put turned barrel in almost every German kit they put on the market, but I wasn't able to have a straight plastic barrel in the two Sherman Firefly kits I put my hands on.

Sorry if I let myself get carried away, but I find this a bit pointless and odd.

PS: the parts in yellow? I have them in a little PE sheet Tamiya made...
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