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Originally Posted by chadperkins View Post
man, that's a lot of future painting you've got there...... but i like it. boats are always cool and especially one this size and in this scale. should be able to detail her up nicely. much cooler than a super small scale battleship IMO.
Chad I already have 5 bottles of model master grey paint waiting for it, also lots of PH = many hours of work

Originally Posted by Ropi View Post
You're really into boating as I see! Good luck with this one, and great work on the other one!
Hi Ropi, I wanted to take a breack from always armor, and this project sitting for about a year and now is its turn

Originally Posted by DaneBramage View Post
One Big Mother!!! Wow!! Looking forward to see your build!!
thanks Dane, it really is big and thats what I like the most of it
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