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I don't know if you're still working on this, but as I was going through pics of F1s, F2s, and Gs, I noticed that the drive sprockets for this model are wrong. They include the drive sprockets for the F1 as the default, but the F2 used the same sprocket as the G, which has slightly thicker spokes. Of course, I only notice this a day after I glued them together.

Because this kit and DML's PzIV E both have paint and decals from the 22nd PzDiv, Reg 204, I thought I'd try and do a diorama from the Battle of Rostov (1942). There's a picture of the F2 Don region, so I'm fairly certain it was at Rostov. The 22nd got hit pretty hard at Rostov, so I don't know if the two tanks made it to Stalingrad, where they were likely disabled by communist mice. Of 104 tanks in the 22nd, 62 of them were disabled by mice before the Soviets counterattacked.

That might be more fun to do.
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