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I was working on the newer version of the DML Panzer II/C and wanted to replace the ends of the revisited and somewhat corrected suspension arms using the end caps that come from the Marder II kit, that were mistakenly included in the F kit. Let me explain... -I went and got the Tank Workshop upgrade which gave me the the extra sprues of the Marder kit that come with the F model. On that kit's sprues, ( the now redundant sprues in the F kit), there is an end cap that I thought to try on the C Panzer II kit's parts. Why do I want to replace them- a somewhat bad mold seam goes right down the middle of the end of the springs which may not be too big a problem if carefully scraped off.
However this idea of using one kit's parts to improve another didn't work because they are too wide, for one thing.
But this caused me to take a closer look at the TWS items and guess what?... there is a pour tab right where this end of the leaf springs are and it provides not much detail because of this. An unfortunate placement of the pour inlet if you ask me. Looking at photos of the real items it seems what there is on the resin parts at the end at the front of the spring assembly don't stick out far enough in any case. Because of this more work will be required to get these parts up to seam, I mean steam!- not what one would like to see on an $18.00 dollar upgrade.(?) Sorry guys at TWS, nothing personal but you get a C for a grade on this one. Can't really recommend them, not at that price.



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