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So now there is this big controversy about the suspension on the Panzer II/F.
This first surfaced in a post on Missing Links on Sept. 17th.
Suspension units on Cyber's Pz. II
September 17 2007 at 5:01 PM Steve Dowty (Login SDowty)
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In comparing the two-piece suspension arms on Cyber-Hobby's new Pz II F to the drawings in Achtung Panzer #7, it looks as if these are appropriate for the Marder, but not for the F. I've also found a few good photos that show the arm clearly in one piece, without a join near the top. Are these just leftover toolings from the Marder II, or were they really used on the F?

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Richard Craig
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Thanks for bringing that to my attention
September 17 2007, 7:14 PM

Interesting ,I never even noticed it .I'm working on the suspension right now as well. So far from what I've been looking through it seems to be left over from the Marder kit ,but I'm waiting for the new Panzer Tract that should get here this week so I'll let you know if they will clear this up .It looks like we're in for some putty work ..Blah!

Everybody seems to have really jumped on the bandwagon to point out the flaw.
Here are some scans from the Achtung Panzer book on the subject.


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