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Now I started working on the generator doors, this are single doors instead of dual folding doors, so
After marking the new areas I started cutting the plastic
The original doors

The new holes are marked and cut

Now it looks like this

With the new size of the door spaces, the thickness of the plastic wall was evident so I have to thin it down So that with the doors opened it look more to scale.
Here a comparison of the standard thickness and the sanded down one
The standard was more than 3mm, now its 1mm

A 1.5 styrene strip is glued around the edge of the wall to compensate for the sanded down thickness For it to fit properly

The new doors are made with .040 styrene sheet and measure 12 x 32mm

And the measurements of the doors area

The doors are installed, hinges are made with styrene rod cut into small pieces then glued together

A piece of .040 styrene 4 x 32mm is glued on the middle of each door opening

Using 1mm styrene sheet I made the sound insulation panels for each door

Here you can see the double doors with the styrene hinges and the locking handles also made with bits of styrene rod

And the inside locking detail

I’m in the paint process of the generator and making more hand rails and scratch details so stay tuned

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