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Hi my friends, work continues on Dora’s generator room. More details made in different areas
The kit mufflers are modified, the molded exhaust tubes are replaced with aluminum ones
And the silencers are separated.
The stock mufflers

After separating it the plastic end is cut and the holes for the new ones drilled

The new tubes in place

The pipes are made with 3mm soldering wire and plastic rings from styrene tubes

The engine exhaust pipes are made with the same soldering wire

The radiator houses are made again with the 3mm soldering wire with styrene strip clamps

More details like lifting eyelets, wires from the generator to the control panel, starter and alternator cables, Fuel lines, battery and fuel tank brackets etc. are made

Here a 1/35 dragon figure on the side so you can have an idea of the engine size

The upper structure of the generator is modified a little, first the side ladder plastic steps are replaced with wire ones, the ladder is missing two steps, to place the upper one you need to relocate the base For part O46 a little to the right for the step to fit
The base is removed and glued a little to the right

A piece of styrene .10 is glued to the base to compensate for the lost plastic

The part is relocated and the steps added

With the ladder completed I started to remove the reinforcement plastic from the roof area
To make space for the generator

I just leave a small section of the plastic on the middle to reinforce the parts, then sanded all smooth
A test fit and all is good

"Don't be afraid of the model,it's you the one holding the knife"

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