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I don't think the recession had anything to do with it. I first found the site during the worst of it, and while I think it was slowing down at that point, it was still humming along pretty good. For me, I think the recession actually served to,rekindle my modeling activity; without funds to spend on more expensive hobbies I returned to modeling.
I do think that what Jim said about Facebook and other social media becoming more prevelant taking its toll on web forums is true. I for one don't see a functional overlap for social media into the realm of the forums. They are 2 distinctly different species in my opinion. But I do agree that they have had an impact.
And how do you find motivated people to act as moderators and such? That whole side of things is foreign to me. I'm not volunteering, as I think I'd be horrible at it and simply do not have the time to do it credit. But yes, we do need active, motivated people to fill those roles again.
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