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Originally Posted by TankDan View Post
I'll keep an eye out for it Ropi...thanks. In honesty, I downloaded the latest WoT, and I do have to say I'm pretty pleased with it. It runs so much better than the version I used a couple years ago. Wait times are fast, gameplay works well, and it's progression is easier to understand than WT, if still being unnecessarily complicated. WT is still considerably more realistic, but WoT tanks are more fun.
That being said, I have some questions you might be able to help me with on WoT. I'd like to upgrade to a better tank...I've been using a gifted LTP for a week or so now. I have no gold, but I have about 250k in silver credits. The tank I want to purchase is about 215K, and I have an open slot available for a vehicle to purchase, but when I try to buy/research it, nothing happens. It is a T5 tank. I have not bought any tanks I have to buy a certain number of tanks of lower tiers before I can move up? I'm not sure that's correct either because come to think of it, it wont let me buy any tank of any price to fill that slot.
You have to grind through all the tanks before it in line, yes. The XP you have generated on the LTP (assuming you haven't activated accelerated crew training) is basically useless, because being a premium vehicle, it is not part of the techtree, so it doesn't lead to any other vehicle.
You said you want to buy a T5 vehicle, let me give you an example:
M4 T5, US, medium tank (MT).
In order to be able to play that tank, you will need to play:
  • The T1 Cunningham on Tier 1, on which you'll need to generate 150 xp (30 for the 37mm automatic gun M1924 and 120 for the T2 medium) in order to move to...
    The T2 Medium on Tier 2, on which you'll need to generate enough xp to reach the M2 Medium (at this point you might also need to enlock modules like the suspension on the T2 in order to fit the bigger guns, etc)
    The M2 Medium on Tier 3, which you'll use to unlock the M3 Lee
    The M3 Lee on Tier 4 (horrible tank), which will finally lead to the M4 Sherman.

On the LTP the xp you have generated, as mentioned earlier, is useless unless you pay gold to convert it to free experience.
Free experience is generated by every tank every time, and can be spent on any research you want. The problem is that the amount of free xp generated is generally very low (I'm not sure of the exact amount, but I think it's 5% of the regular xp earned on a vehicle). Anyway, in order to buy any vehicle that is not a premium, you need to research it first in its techtree, by playing the vehicles before it. The xp generated on one vehicle can be only used to research things related to it, like its modules (suspension, engine, guns - however, there is overlap for certain modules within the same techtree) and the vehicle(s) that can be researched from it. Free xp can be used anywhere, but it's usually better to save it for things you don't want to suffer with (a better gun right from the start or a suspension that has a high enough load limit to allow you to mount a better gun).

I hope that answers your question. If not, ask again, I'll be glad to help (although I think it would be classified as topic derailing, so may as well make a separate thread for it).
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