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Sturm Infanteriegeschutz 33

Hello Planetarmorites!

Fellow German tank geeks...anyone know of any pics for this vehicle? I can't find any in my reference books, and I have quite a few. I found one photo on Achtung Panzer but it's not a closeup so is hard to make out the details.

I have the Part PE set for the kit as well, very nice set, but the instructions are quite vague regarding some stuff, like the rear deck/plate detail, tool stowage etc. Some detail is totally omitted like the front tool box...

I'm scratchbuilding a new gun barrel so any pics of that would be great as well...

Planning to do a Stalingrad winter camo maybe? Along way from there though...I will hopefully post some pics soon, once I get the PE going...

Thanks for any help provided, Paul
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