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Next update with the famo and trailer.

I have been delaying this particular job off for a long time because it required a little more patience to do it right.

Holes have been drilled to allow pins be be glued to hold the famo and trailer in place on the display base.

The inner wheels on the trailer have a hole drilled in each resin tyre with the Famo front wheels also drilled to accomodate pins to help reduce any movement of the model.

It's not much but it will help keep it all together.

It was at this stage I wanted to check the size comparison of the Famo and trailer compaired against the M26 built back in 02 and as you can see the Famo is one hell of a huge beast.

Whilst doing that I have also been working on the 2 tankers which will be sitting on the panzer 3.

They are the kit figures which will have the heads changed out with hornet heads.

Both figures have been base coated in Humbrol Matt black with Vellajo acrylics highlight over the top of the matt black .Still working on the tankers, they need a coat of flat clear to reduce the shine and there will be uniform markings to go on both of them.


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