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canjuaan 09-29-2015 08:19 AM

Just yesterday I had a conversation with a friend who is interested in buying the Dora kit. I told him I knew of one build, but wouldn't remember where I'd seen it. Today I visit PA and ta-da, here it is :)
I think he'll enjoy your build as much as I did, and it will help him decide whether to really buy it. Great additional work. I wonder how many bottles of paint this monster will eat up. :p


Fledermaus 10-06-2015 10:32 PM

Hi Johannes, tell your friend to go for it, its a nice model as it comes, Im just correcting and
Adding details to make it even more interesting than what it already is. It is very nicely detailed, a really fun model to build.


Fledermaus 10-06-2015 10:40 PM

Not sure about that but I have about 10 bottles of modelmasters panzer grey to start painting
Will see how much more is needed. It already has taken 3 1/2 bottles of plastic weld glue and still a lot to do. :eek::eek::D

Its a big monster


canjuaan 10-10-2015 05:08 AM

Wow, that beast is really hungry! :eek::)


Fledermaus 12-07-2015 12:22 PM

The work continues on Dora, it’s time to do the main body halves. The first issue is an error on the instructions. It tells you to assemble parts L4 with L2 (and L3 with L1) but if you do so the assemblies holding the two halves together will be on the wrong position. Parts O12, O3 and O11 (assembly step # 18) goes on the front of the main body and L7 (assembly step #20) goes to the rear of the body. So to correct this problem all you have to do is invert parts L2 and L1 as this parts are symmetrical, so now you will glue L4 with L1 and L2 with L3 and the problem is solved.
Here are the main body parts
And the inner parts
The inside of the body is very well reinforced to hold the weight of the gun Trunnions and main loading platform
Front area has the four holes
Rear area has two rectangular openings
This is how is done
With all in the right position it looks like this
The parts that hold the two halves together are assembled and rectangular pieces of styrene 3mm x 6mm are glued to act as the bases for the lifting cable
Eyelets, this are made using soldering wire
Then small pieces of styrene rod are used to make the bolts for the plates
Finally using 3 strands of gauge 34 brass wire twisted together I made the lifting cable for
the front and rear parts
Now the real work started, what are supposed to be the hydraulic bottles are
Terrible, so new ones are constructed using styrene tube

Fledermaus 12-07-2015 12:23 PM

So to rectify it you need to remove all the original bottles on the outside and inside of the main bodies
This are the new bottles parts
Here the replacements are glued in place
For the top of the bottles I made a master using the same styrene tube and with a rounded top using green putty finished with a smaller tube on top as the connection for the hydraulic pipe
Using card board I made the box for the rtv rubber
All the needed tops are made with one to one resin
It now looks like this
Next all the vertical steel ribs received a strip of 4mm wide styrene to make the flange as seen in the photos of Dora
the pipes for the hydraulic bottles are made with tube from the original handrails
And installed
Now the stabilizer platform must be divided in 3 separate parts, a 3mm wide channel is cut in these areas in the photo
Inside view
This areas are open on the original vehicle, so after making several holes the
Plastic was cut and sanded to shape
This is how it looks now, all this changes are to be done to both side inside and outside
I’m working on the catwalks, handrails and ladders for the main bodies so the work continues.

Thanks for watching


Gopher 12-07-2015 03:46 PM

You're crazy! =)

Fledermaus 12-07-2015 06:19 PM

:D hahaha Andrey you know me, I like to always complicate my builds :D:yell:

Fledermaus 02-17-2016 06:56 AM

Hi my friends, its time for another update on Dora, the work on the main bodies continues with more modifications and adding some missing details.
On top of both sides are hatches missing, so using styrene and some left over photo eched
Pieces the hatches are constructed
This is the area for the hatches to be added
First I removed some bolt detail and filled the area with styrene to make it a flat surface
Again using styrene sheet I made the doors and glued PE hinges And a brass wire handle to each door
The finished hatch
Now the poles that goes on top of this area are drilled on the sides as seen in the pictures of the real Dora
And in place
Now the holes under the body must be copied to the other side of the carriage, this hold with screws the parts that join the two main bodies together.
After measuring the new location I started to drill the new holes
Here the holes are done and a dry fit of the part.
With this done I moved to the inside halves, replaced the hydraulic bottles and made the cut on the platforms, then started with the vertical flange detail, like in the outside I used .40x4mm wide strips.
After all the vertical flanges are glued I started with the horizontal ones
Each section is made with a piece of .40 styrene 8mm wide, then I made a 2mm line across and to the sides, finally a diagonal cut on the two corners and a cut across gets it done

Fledermaus 02-17-2016 06:57 AM
With all the flange work done, I started to make the missing ribs and pipes at both ends of the inside halves. With the measurements done its starts
This are the parts for the front area
This are already drilled for the pipes to fit thought
The hole where the pipes connects to the body is marked and with a drill it is started, then sanded to shape, finally a piece of styrene is glued to the inside with the 4 holes for the
Pipes to connect.
Here the parts are in place ready for the pipes to be added
The back area is marked and the parts glued like in the front
The back and front received the brass pipes
That’s all for the moment, currently working on the extra valve bodies and hand wheels needed
For this areas, thanks for watching.

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