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mike walsh 04-25-2017 02:34 AM

Takom Tiger 2 Repair Dio
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Here is the next build with the Takom King Tiger being the centerpiece of the diorama. It is being built concurrent with the Tamiya Famo and trailer build.

Work has commenced on the smaller subjects which will be strategically placed around the King Tiger and hopefully come together to make the overall story.
Some images have been taken from the Tamiya Famo build blog with more images included below on the Miniart V170 Saloon.

The original concept was to use the Famo in the foreground with the building as the backdrop. With the release of the fabulous Takom Tiger 2 made it an ideal large Tank to display the interior and engine bay.

It's a balancing act to see what looks right and what doesn't. Some items may be excluded some smaller items may be included. Here is the current work so far.

The Miniart 170V saloon has been broken down in sub sections for ease of painting. Some minor work to do before I move onto building the Tiger 2 and other models. Working on small to large vehicles.

Items to be used within the diorama

Diorama size


MZsolt 04-26-2017 03:07 AM

Wow :)
That will be a busy diorama :)
That Type170 is on my wish list - how did you like it? Any issues?

mike walsh 04-26-2017 10:14 PM

Thanks MZsoft

Agreed it will be a busy diorama. The intention is to try and utilize as much of the base area
Without making it too busy. The plan is to give 2 diorama ideas on the base with the house and wall being the separator between the front and back.

It will be a balancing act of what looks too much and what doesn't. This is the enjoyment of building diorama's.:thumb:

I would like to give the viewer the idea of each side of the diorama base will keep them interested wanting to see more.
The view from the rear of the diorama is where I am at present to give the view into the house and the back yard.

The V170 saloon will be parked in the garage under the house .Not sure whether to have the
Engine hood open to display the detail.

The miniart saloon was a challenge of a build. The manufacturer has excelled in detail on this little gem. The engine alone was like a good 4 hours to build. The detail is extremely intricate.

To try and trim the part you need a good eye and steady hand, it was like building a real engine from scratch. One particular thing to note was the plastic coiled springs for the rear suspension. How on earth did they do that ! The springs need extreme care to cut them away from the sprue.

The Salloon is also provided with a nice etch detail set.
I found with both the Miniart Salloon and the Riich Models field kitchen there seems to be
A huge step in detail from the manufacturers to make there models interesting to build.


mike walsh 04-28-2017 10:38 PM


Once again, back with the next update. Changing in between building the diorama and vehicles is interesting.
Keeps up with the motivation to build models as well as reduce the collection.
Here are some close images of the detail of the Miniart saloon engine and the interior of the Dragon Flak 38T
It is a good example to show how much detail the Manufacturers have gone into in today's world to produce there models.
My hat's off to both these companies on what they have given us.

There was a few corrections on the DML Flak 38t instructions noted in the image what the sprue numbers a should be.
It was not easy glueng the parts together as they are intricate parts and I spent 1 or 2 times on the tiled floor trying to locate parts.:mad::yell::thumb::)
The Tamiya thin was perfect for this application. :thumb:
The tamiya thin glue was the main glue used but on the bigger parts the Revell Contacta was substituted.

The Flak 38t wheels also get a mention here as there was a little sanding and trimming to clean the wheels.
With a big seam line and 4 connection marks and a slight rise on 1 half.Not happy
I'm not placing too much emphasis on adding too much extra detail into the engines as once it's in the vehicle it will be absorbed into the diorama and may not get seen.


mike walsh 05-05-2017 08:02 AM


Further progress on the Flak 38T, built in sub sections for painting and detailing.
Some of the Soga 2cm crew will be used to man the 2cm. It will depend on the space around the gun on which figures can be used.
Very nicely detailed figures , more image to follow shortly.


mike walsh 05-08-2017 07:05 AM

Hello again,

With the Flak 38T near completion in regards to the construction side it has been stored in a plastic container free of dust and other particles that form up on the plastic. It is awaiting a 20mm metal barrel. Once this comes in I will get to work with test fitting the Soga gunner to the seat .

I have moved my attention over to commencing the Bussing nag with the bilstien crane and looking at what is in the box will be more challenging to work with than the tiger 2.
Reason : Way more fiddly parts which can be broken off and kid gloves is a must.

AFV club did a good job overall in replicating the Bussing Nag in detail.
This is not a model for a beginner. The parts are very fine and they will need extra care and attention when removing them from the sprue cage.
I use the No 11 Exacto to trim off the excess sprue indents on the plastic part and found the plastic to be a little soft on the chassis.
Early days so time will tell.

AFV Club added a nice touch by the inclusion of little bolt heads on the sprue cage. As below

Here is step1 and 2 done for the night.

More to follow on the truck, it's a beast :yell::):eek:


mike walsh 05-14-2017 01:43 AM


Quick update on progress of the Bussing nag.

lower half of chassis completed and moving onto the tyres and too my dismay all the tyres have cracks in them:yell::mad:

For AFV club to release an extremely highly detailed vehicle the tyres have let them down severely.
Every tyre has a line through them.Ie once fitted the tyre will split at the indent line. Have seen this once before when DML released the BRDM in the mid nineties. We get some fine hot days in Brisbane and the tyres simply split open.
In the meantime other items can be addressed for the build till the def models resin tyres show up.


mike walsh 05-27-2017 01:06 AM

Hello again,
Back with the next update, head down doing the bussing nag.

Here are a few images of progress work.

I can see now why AFV Club chose to have the normal softer plastic than other manufacturers. The items on the sprue cage are extremely fragile and with having a softer plastic it makes them a little more flexible to remove from the sprue cage.
There are a couple of close up photo's below to show some extremely small D shackles which would scare any modeller away to take of the sprue cage.

As mentioned before the Bussing Nag is not a shake and bake kit and the best way to takle the painting and building side of it is to build in sub assemblies. It will make it way easier to paint and detail in this format.

Item 20 on sprue cage L is missing 1 side of a shackle. There are 4 sprues and this is a very very small manufacturing error.
All of the 4 L sprue cages have this inconsistency.
Ie: the bottom item in the image L20 is what they should look like.

The resin tyres from Def Models are different to what has been displayed on the box art. The tyres look like the same style of resin the Verlinden Productions used. It is a lot more stronger resin but the box art does not give a proper identification of what's inside.

More to follow....


mike walsh 06-03-2017 08:39 PM

Hello again,

This truck is by far the hardest kit built for a long time, very similar to the Mirror models T969 wrecker but way harder with the jib boom.

The work is all around the crane area at the moment soaks up the time with the build. I have painted the interior of the crane as when the dust covers go on they may be some view to the internals of the crane housing. I'm not leaving no stone unturned.:thumb:
Special attention is required for handling the boom rollers, intricate and easily to break.

Work is slow as the components are easy to break:mad:


mike walsh 06-07-2017 07:09 AM

Quick update on the bussing Nag with Crane

Now ready for paint in sub sections, will have to work now with the Takom tiger 2 engine and the crane jib to see if the jib will hold the weight of the engine.


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