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Markus 08-09-2009 08:36 AM

Tiger I "S33" of "Das Reich"
Hey Guys,
because of some problems getting spare-parts for my Airbrush, I decided to work on a kit which is laying on the "Shelf of shame" for way too long.
Itīs Tamiyaīs Tiger I frühe Produktion.

Besides the base kit, I collected some goodies for it:
Tasca 35-L7 - German vehicle light set (which has some parts for the spare-track holders and some better detailed Bosch-lights
Eureka XXL ER-3502 - Towing cable for Tiger I
Archer AR35155 - Tiger Mix #1
Alpine 35032 - Waffen-SS Panzer crew set (planned to use them on my StuG III Ausf.G)
Schatton Modellbau 3525 - German MG34 Panzermantel (not the best barrel on the market, but it will do)
Masterclub MC135006W - Tracks for Tiger I early
ABER 35K01 - PE for Tiger I early
RB Model - MG34
RB Model 35B01 - 8,8cm Kwk 36/L56 Tiger I early model (even though the ABER-set has a very nice barrel, I prefer the RB one as the muzzle brake has to be screwed on)
RB Model - towing shakels for Tiger I (got the wrong set at the moment)

I intend to build the famous S33 during the Operation Zitadelle.
To be honest, Iīm not the biggest Tiger-fan out there, but I really, really like the markings on this tank.
I already built it a couple of years ago, but never was satisfied with it, so I hope this one will be better...

First try on it, with some lousy pictures from back then:
As you can see, it can only get better :D ;).

Thanks a lot to David Byrden, Ebbe Bergmann, Kevin Brennan and Richard Craig for their support, as well as to Christoph Klein, my good friend, who borrowed me some of his Tiger I books.

Coops 08-09-2009 10:00 AM

OK Markus, I will bite :).
Why are you un-happy with the Tiger you show us here? Do not get me wrong as this is your tank and if you do not like it then thats just fine.
Let me know because I don't understand :).
Best regards Steve

Stuke Sowle 08-09-2009 12:37 PM

Your 1st attempt seems pretty darn good to me, but I look forward to seeing your newest interpretation of this vehicle.

I agree it is a cool marking and camo scheme.

barkmann424 08-10-2009 01:20 AM

Hi Markus!
If you are going to improve on your first attempt, then this is going to be a classic blog, that sure is a nice haul of AM goodies that you are throwing at this kitty. Those MasterClub tracks are excellent, I might even say they have the edge on Friul's, just that bit crisper in their representation. Great subject, looking forwards to the manna...

Cheers Phil.

MZsolt 08-10-2009 03:24 AM

Hi Markus,
Nice heap of aftermarket stuff :) looking forward to your build!

drizzt73 08-10-2009 04:04 AM

Hi Markus,

I Love anything Das Reich so i'm Looking forward to this build. I have the same Alpine minis for my tiger!



Markus 08-11-2009 04:09 PM

Hey Guys,
thanks a lot for your interest and your kind words!

I really donīt like how the kit turned out and as it seems, it has way to much mistakes.
I never was too pleased with it and seeing it now, next to my latest kits, I hope I can do it better this time.

Happy birthday! :)

Iīm following your builds, over on Armorama and I got to say that your Tigers are amazing!
Those Masterclub tracks really are amazing and one of the best things is that they are actually cheaper than Friul oder Modellkasten and only a bit more expensive than the AFV-tracks here in germany.

it turns out that there is still some stuff missing ;).

One has to love the figures from Alpine :).

Alright, I havenīt got any pics yet (will post some tomorrow), but I just wanted to say a big thank you to Ron Hetherington, as he gave me a ton of tipps for my build!

Ebbe Bergman 08-12-2009 01:40 PM

Hi Marcus!
I like the look on you Das Reich Tiger. Whatīs up with the storagebin? Supporters and dubble securings for the lidds? =) I just thought the supporters where for the longer version of the storagebin?
How was the shackels? I was thinking of getting Griffons? shackels for the Tigers.
When I have seen your Tiger it reminds me of one Tiger riding up hill with the wheels articulateing..will you display it in a vignette?

Markus 08-12-2009 02:38 PM

Hey Ebbe,
when I was building this Tiger, I didnīt do much research for it. There are a LOT of mistakes on it. One of the reason for me to do it better this time. The other reason is the paint and weathering on it :).
Letīs see if I can do better this time...
The shackels are beautiful. You get 20 pieces for a few bucks. The only problem is that mine seem to be more suitable to Panthers. I should have looked twice before ordering. You need any? I got plenty of spares.
A vignette? I would love to Ebbe, but I canīt get myself to build one. Iīm a bit worried to mess it up and most ideas I come up with are boring. You know, that usual "Tiger on a field"-thing :D.

Ok guys, even though I promised some pics, I had to work too long and now Iīm too lazy to take them :D.
But I ordered some more goodies:
Tiger I Early Frontal Armor w/Operating Vision Block and S-Mines from Tiger Model Designs.
I hope they arrive soon.
Then it seems like my replacement parts for my Airbrush are finally on their way. So I may be able to paint my Wespe this weekend. Good news!!

Ebbe Bergman 08-13-2009 09:35 AM

Well the Tamiya kit need some attentions and I think the finish of the tank superseeds the flaws sometimes, like yours.
Well after looking at JB models webpage I noticed that they offered both early and late shackels along with Panther version. Sometimes itīs hard to play economical when all this nice add ons are around!
I have used the TMD S-minen and they where okay. Best thing is that you donīt need to roll the flat metall. I once ordered the turret but I did not use it becouse it did not fit propper and also the frontal armor but I ordered the wrong version so I never used it. After looking at Griffonīs S-minen I can say you probably would end up with a nice set of S-minen if you combined the Griffonīs grenades with TMDīs launchers.
From the start I thought of getting the CH Tiger 1 but why spend 100 EUR on one kit. I still think it is a shame that only Tamiya offers one Early Tiger.
Ohh nice then I probably will end up watching for updates. Canīt wait to see that broad sprays on the DR Wespe!
Kindest regards

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