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Glaurung 02-13-2019 02:23 PM

Hi, mech. Thank you for your comment.

That's an excellent gallery you have there. And the fact, that most of the models are heavily or totally scratch built is hands down impressive. Very nice and thorough collection of different types of LVT too. The AFV Club kit is excellent in detail- and engineering wise and seems to be correct at most parts as well.

I have few photos of vehicles with early armored cab without machine gun, but with co-drivers hatch moved backward, so AFV Club was basically correct there. There were so many different cab variants and different additional armoring variants that it's somewhat confusing.

Since you seem to be familiar with LVT family, I would be glad if you'd give your opinion on co-drivers hatch on the BW photo above. All the early cab LVT's seem to have periscope and its plexiglass dome on the front of the hatch. But on the photo I 'm not able to spot it there. It seems to be in the middle of the hatch (like in later version cab) instead. Did they have different types of hatches on early cabs that had different periscope positions? Or is it possible, that the hatch was replaced with late type hatch for some reason?


mech 02-13-2019 05:07 PM

Hi Kristjan thank you very much for the compliment.

When I enlarged the picture to before distortion the periscope looks like it's in the middle and possible that the dome is on because it seem brighter like refraction of light, I can not say 100%.

I have some pictures from Holland of British lend lease that shows both hatches forward and domes on forward periscopes. That's both sides.
I have pictures From the TM with and without domes.
As far as I know when the machine gun was added the hatch was moved back and the the periscope was moved to the center of the hatch. that was to give the co driver room to look and fire the machine gun.
Did you know that the domes used to fog up some times and eventually they removed them, when I do not know.



Glaurung 02-14-2019 03:58 AM

Thank you, Ralph.

Here is one of the photos, taken in Italy, that shows vehicles, with early armored cab without MG, but the co-driver's hatch is moved back.

I didn't know about the fog problem of the domes, only seen that some vehicles have them removed. I'm planning to use both domes on my model however, because most of the Pacific theater vehicles I've seen, seem to have them on. And I like the look of the transparent domes as well of course.

Do you happen to have any photo, that shows early armored cab with hatches forward on the same line, but co-driver's periscope in the middle of the hatch? It would be really helpful to have something to prove this kind of configuration if I'm going to it.

mech 02-14-2019 09:08 AM

Hi Kristjan

I spent some time looking through all the pictures that I have and I can not find any pictures. It could have happened during the change over to armored. Not everything was documented with pictures or it could have been done in the field for some reason, replaced a damaged one by the crew from a badly damage LVT-4 armored.



Glaurung 02-28-2019 04:22 AM

Thank you, Ralph

So, moving on with my LVT.

I added driver's visor lever to the cab and two styrene hooks to the front edge of the roof to hold it down. So I'm finally ready to paint it and be over with interior part of the build. The first paint also reveals, how the hatch surgery went, so I hardly can wait for it.

I oxidized the inner sides of the fenders using Ammo's Photoetch Burnishing Fluid. The idea is that the paint on the edge is likely to wear off while moving roof on and off all the time. Oxide keeps it dark and is more durable than paint.

I completed both tracks as well. These are aftermarket AFV Club plastic tracks and they're very delicate and accurate. Only problem with these was that even though AFV Club had several spare links in the box, there were exact amount of linking pins, and as I lost one of those, I had one short to finish the tracks. I tried to contact with AFV Club and their European retailer, but with no result, so the easiest thing to do was to clone the missing pin myself.

I also added front additional armor plate and reproduced front mooring bollards using 0.8mm brass tube.

That's it for now.

Til' the next time,

Glaurung 04-10-2019 04:11 PM

Teeny tiny update of my build.

The roof of the crew compartment is internally painted and weathered. I airbrushed a coat of primer outside as well to see, if my surgery on the hatch needs some additional filling and sanding, but it seems okay to me.


Glaurung 04-14-2019 03:50 PM

Hi again.

There's a little update on the rear ramp. The purpose is to have the rear ramp movable so I could display it either way. For that I first drilled the hinges out, then I added magnets to hold the ramp closed in the up position. To deal with the cable, I made a little winch mechanism that is hidden in the left side of the hull. The winch is operated by a little crank just like on the real thing. I added 12 grams of soldering wire inside the ramp before I sealed it to make it heavier and therefore add some tension to the thread. The one I'm having on it now is temporary only for testing purposes - final one will be bit finer.

Thanks for watching,

Fledermaus 04-15-2019 08:46 PM

Hi Kristjan

Excellent work on the hatch surgery ,:thumb: the working hand cranck in a nice touch, great work there also. This is getting better with every update ,:cool: cant wait for more


mike walsh 04-18-2019 06:38 PM

I only echo Abdin's words,

Excellent effort on detailing and Painting Kristjan.



Originally Posted by Fledermaus (Post 107882)
Hi Kristjan

Excellent work on the hatch surgery ,:thumb: the working hand cranck in a nice touch, great work there also. This is getting better with every update ,:cool: cant wait for more


Glaurung 05-05-2019 01:24 PM

Thank you, Abdin and Michael.

So, getting on with cargo bay area. Grab handles and -railings has been reworked according to early model LVT's.

Voyager set has brass details to replace the kit's water boxes. However they appear to be little too wide and the assembly is bit tricky, so I decided not to use these. There plenty of photos of LVT-4's without these water boxes.

I moved pike pole to the back of the cabin roof and made new holders using brass tubes.

.30 cal and .50 cal machine guns are assembled as well.

And this is how the model looks right now:

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