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ypres1 05-15-2009 10:28 AM

Da Vinci brushes and new WW1 British Tank detailing set
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Old Northwest asked the good folks at Hudson & Allen Studios to create a detail set especially for their Mark IV tank that would allow collectors to easily customize their tanks by adding unditching or bridging beams, mud and more.

The unditching beam was invented in France and, in the case of Mark IV tanks, also fitted there by Tank Corps Central Workshops. It was carried on special rails running along the top of the hull and normally stowed near the back where it was easier to reach with some degree of protection for the crew. It was attached to each track by a form of stirrup that slid underneath but had to be bolted in place, a risky business under fire.

The New ONTC/H & A Mark IV kit includes:
2 large squared timbers for unditching or bridging
1 large log with bark on for unditching or bridging
1 Heavy Tow Chain with hooks attached
1 Small coil of Barbed Wire
1 Small bag of Mud

Michigan Toy Soldier now handles the Da Vinci line of brushes. The Series 10 brush line is probably the finest currently available -they hold a sharp point long after most of the other professional brushes that we carry 'fan' out. They are lasting longer with acrylics than my old standby Winsor Newton Series 7. I discovered these in Germany this past winter and have been using them ever since. The rest of the line is just as good - the inexpensive brushes do a very nice job for the money.

sharkmouth 05-15-2009 07:42 PM

Hi Ypres,

Neither link works for me due to the '...' which appears instead of the full address name.


ypres1 05-16-2009 08:14 AM

Correct web link
I posted and previewed it - I'm not sure what happened- so here you go.
Sorry about that!

Da Vinci brush information can be found under new release Supplies, Tools and Paints

WW1 British Tank detail set can be found under the Old Northwest Trading Company banner at the top right of the homepage

I will have a direct link placed as soon as I can figure out the problem.



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