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Panzergrenadier 06-25-2008 04:19 PM

M-30 - 122mm Soviet Howitzer - 8th ''Estonian'' Rifle Corps
Good day fellow modelers!

This time it is the 1:35 Zvezda kit of the Soviet M-30 howitzer. I chose this kit as my entry in a competition we had here in Estonia. The dio is supposed to depict one gun of the 8th ''Estonian'' Rifle Corps' artillery unit. The setting would be Estonia in November 1944, Sõrve Säär more precisely. (Note the arrow on the map.) They are having a little lunch. Their enemy is the force that retreated after fighting the defensive battles in eastern Estonia. Behind this gun are Estonian men who were conscripted into the Red army and on the opposing side Estonians who volunteered into the German armed forces to fight communism. So all in all a sad reality of Estonians fighting Estonians, sometimes even brothers shooting at each other. That is the faith of a small nation in the turmoil of war.

I made a new barrel for the gun. I got the inspiration after I had glued and filled in the seam on the kit barrel. I saw that if I wanted to get it perfectly round I would have to sand it considerably smaller. I became apparent I had some tubing just the right size so I decided to have some fun. I based my measurements on the kit barrel so I didn't go for 100% accuracy and hoped the boys at Zvezda had got it right. Anyway I was happy with how it turned out. I also added some minor modifications and thinned down the shield. Keep in mind ultimate accuracy was not my goal, I just had to get it done in time to add it to the competition lineup.
The crew I used is the wonderful set of guys from Miniart. I got them from their 57mm AT gun set. Simply superb figures and great to assemble.:thumb:

I am sorry that I don't have proper pictures of the finished thing. I was in a real hurry and just snapped a couple of shots on the balcony. The bright sunlight washes out the colors and really does not do the thing any good so just take the pictures as a rough idea of the dio. I hope to get some better shots of it after it is evaluated. (It is in a glass box in a shop right now.)

Thanks for having a look!


RickLawler 06-25-2008 04:42 PM

Looks good from my side, Siim. I think that you made the right decision with the barrel, it certainly made for a nice, smooth appearance.

The scene layout looks really nice. I hope that you are able to take some better pictures after your victory!


Panzergrenadier 06-25-2008 05:56 PM

Cheers Rick!


I hope that you are able to take some better pictures after your victory!
Hehe, this year the other works are very well done, it will prove to be a tough decision for the judges.

the_iron_modeller 06-25-2008 06:39 PM

Awesome dio Siim, nice work:thumb:. I really liked the aluminum barrel, is much better because it gives it a smoother look.

Love your work, really impressed:D:D:D

Nicholas Bruccoleri 06-25-2008 07:29 PM

Good work!

Flak 06-25-2008 08:11 PM

Great work on the NEW barrel, it make the gun looks really nice...and great ground work on the diorama also :thumb:

Driver 06-25-2008 09:12 PM

Cheerful looking scene Siim. Only thing missing is a deck of cards! Or one of the guys have one already in his pocket? :D

But seriously, I hope you win. :thumb:


Gopher 06-26-2008 01:15 AM

looks nice!

Panzergrenadier 06-28-2008 06:02 AM

Thanks for the nice comments guys!:thumb::thumb:

kkiron 06-30-2008 08:25 PM

:thumb::thumb:well done!cool work:thumb:

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