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KuKŁiNsKi 03-01-2011 08:07 AM

single action airbrush
can someone tell me how this thing works? :rolleyes:
i don't understand how it sucks paint up... or whatever it does with paint so it comes up that straw...
it's brand new and everything is clean and works but i can't get paint out... it just blows air... i tried blowing air with my mouth threw paint nozzle and it's all good and clean... so what should i do? i don't even understand why would paint come out of that jar all by it self... :D

gordy 03-01-2011 10:52 AM

Hello KuKŁiNsKi, it's magic :D Seriously though, the paint must be very thin. What paint are you using, let's start there :)

KuKŁiNsKi 03-01-2011 12:35 PM

i just tried water so it doesn't dry inside =)
no really... how does it work??? vacuum?
i really don't get it couse air doesn't go inside that jar... :rolleyes:

schlichtr 03-02-2011 12:40 AM

Yep its vacuum, basically air flows across the top of the tube that brings up the paint creating a vacuum that sucks it up. Why yours is not working could be any number of reasons. We need to know what kind of airbrush you are using first of all. It could be anything from a blockage to a bad gasket.


Paul-H 03-02-2011 02:35 AM


If you are brush is the brush in the picture then the reason could be the paint nozel could be too high or too low, also your are pressure could be too low, these brushes are designed to be used with an air can which has a delivery pressure when new of about 30psi.


KuKŁiNsKi 03-02-2011 05:39 AM

okidoki, will try new can =)
thank you...
vacuum... hah... imagine yourself drinking nice cold cola on beach on a windy day and cola starts to move up your straw and makes nice big stain on your pant... "wooops... vacuum!" =D

schlichtr 03-02-2011 09:44 AM

Wow, I didn't even see the picture before. Yeah there is not a whole lot to that type of airbrush. That is about as simple as they come. Check the nozzle coming out of the bottle. If that doesn't fix it you may have a blockage somewhere, or your tube in the bottle doesn't go down far enough to pick up any paint.


KuKŁiNsKi 03-02-2011 11:48 AM

nah i tried sucking water with my mouth on nozzle and it works so everything works as it should.. no blockake or anything.. so it must be pressure =)
tnx guys!

KuKŁiNsKi 03-04-2011 02:27 PM

worked fine, thanks guys! :thumb:
just painted oxide on my new könig tiger... now i see why people like airbrushes so much :rolleyes:
i just have to fix leaking on that thing that you screw on top of can... i loose half of $$$ there... :mad:

gordy 03-04-2011 02:33 PM

Glad to hear you have it working! :thumb:

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