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My work and new projects
This small sampling pretty much comprises my entire collection of armor models. I am adding to it, but slowly. As we all know, models in general and armor models in particular are crazy expensive, especially if a modeler goes in for all the resin and photo etch add-ons that might be made for a particular kit. I try to scratch build as much as I can, partly to pare down the cost, but also because I so enjoy that process. These days you can buy any detail part, paint it, and glue it on. The craftsmanship can get lost if we arent careful, and making my own parts is a way to try and keep this alive.
While I dont consider myself an expert modeler, I do think I've got a pretty good handle on it. I've been out of it for awhile, and in fact the most recent of the models shown here was finished at least 6 years ago.
I'm experimenting with the hairspray techinque, working on what I think is my own technique for creating weld seams, and want to work with some filters and preshading, things I've never really played with. But I'm learning alot about new techniques for weathering and construction. Hope you like what I've got to offer so far.
STZ T-34
STZ T-34
M1....damn decals silvered!!
M1 bow....sand collection along fenders
M1 Abrahms
M109 port, bags and rolls
M109 top
KV-1 bow
KV-1 stern
T-34 port quarter....dented fuel tank
T-34 stern
M41 belly....weathering experiments
M41 weathering test mule
My M4A3 (I think)

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