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Guy's M1A2
Build M1A2, I am building the tanks I commanded when I was in.
Well that's all for now, next I start on the turret
Just the wrong color, I was in when NATO was the thing
She starting to look good
Hull assembled (wheels and track will go on after the camo)
Head lights look pretty, I must confess something here, my hands slipped when cutting out the drivers vision blocks and now I have nothing
Now for the top hull
left side
Left rear
Close up of the rear right
Close up of the front right
Front view
Ready to assemble the hull, I wont be putting on the road wheels until after the assembly is complete
And it's assembled, I did not put on the fording ring as my tank didn't have one
All of the parts for the back end
Ready for paint
The sprockets, just as I remembered them (wrong color, should be OD)
Now thats a nice set of wheels
All of the road wheel had ridges that had to come off
What a pile of road wheels
I plan to build it OOB as a Plain M1A2

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