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1/9 scale M4A3 Sherman (Scratch-Built )
This is a project I did about 6 years ago.
It's 100% Scratch-Built, even the Jerry Cans
I also built the interior for it.
I have picture's of it on my site.
View of the Turret.
I also had to Scratch-build the 30 cal. This is  the Tanker version of the 30 cal.
Co-driver side
Driver's side
John Rosengrant did a great job sculpting the figures for me. 
I had a lot of fun painting them.
close up of the 50 cal.
More picture's of the rear of the Tank. 
The Jerry cans are also Scratch-Built...
I wanted to add a lot of thing's to the Front  of the Tank. 
The Ammo Boxes are Scratch-Built. 
I even put the "Goodyear" Logo of the rubber...
I made a "Master of the 50 cal. bullet's and also made the clips for the 50 cal. bullets. Whey where made out of Brass.
beleave it or not this is the Interior of the 1/9 scale Sherman I built...
The figure's where a one off by my good friend John Rosengrant, He sculpted the figures for me. 
The 50 cal. was also Scratch-Built.
This is the Diorama I built for the M4A3Sherman. 
I started this project because of my Dad, He was a Gunner in the Sherman's, He also was a Gunner...

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