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A34 Comet by RJ
Comet in camouflage from 1945 (Germany) in scale 1:35 from Bronco. I just finished this model. It was very nice build. I replaced some parts like a handles as original were rather poorly made. I used a wire 0.5 mm for it. After painting whole model with green Tamiya acrylic paint I sprayed it again with slightly lighter colour. I used black wash that I made myself and dry-brushed edges. Then I also run a pencil on some of them. Finally I used some pigment mixed with turpentine to mimic a mud on lower hull and wheels. It was the first time I used this technique and I am a bit disappointed with results. It was too pronounced, so I toned it down with a dry pastels dust.
Radek 3389
Radek 3387
Radek 3384
Radek 3377
Radek 3376
Radek 3374
Radek 3380
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